Mothers As Gold

By Pst. Mrs. Victory Ayangoke on May 14, 2023
A woman is good when she is fulfilling the purpose for which she was created. According to Gen 2:18 “ …It is not good that the man should be alone  I will make him an helpmate NKJV”.  Women were created to be helpmates in different ways and they are very valuable. Even Solomon in his experience mentioned that women are worth more than rubies.
Below are some of the attributes pointed out by King Solomon:
1. They endure a lot of pain and selfless sacrifices and all these add to their worth.
2. Good women are trustworthy, they can be trusted without reserve and regrets. They can make decisions everyone could depend on. Can you be trusted?
3. Good women are resourceful, women have abilities to devise ways to meet needs. They stay in situations to look for solutions. They can achieve much with little and make do with what is available.
4. Women are hardworking. They are proactive, they plan ahead. So, circumstances do not just happen as they are always prepared for the future.
5. Women are praiseworthy, they sacrifice a lot, including their career and all they have. Children should be thankful for all they have been given.
As valuable as a ruby is, it has flaws. The same thing applies to women; despite the sacrifices they make, they can be imperfect. Although, this doesn’t mean they are worthless. Do not focus on the imperfections but honor, love, pray and focus on their worth.
DATE: 13TH MAY,2023
TEXT: PROVERBS 31: 10-31


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