By Pastor Samson Ayangoke on February 12, 2023
God is set to do what He promised but what can also be a determinant is ‘man factor’. If your posture do not align with God, there is so much you can get from God. God gives people speed but He does not take away the place of growth until he is able to carry what God wants to do for him. Process makes one ready for that which God wants to do; do not boycott it. People going ahead of you does not mean they’d get there before you, be ready! There are times God has promised you but not showing forth yet, it does not mean God is delaying or has forgotten but we must be able to wait in patience and trust the process of God. The devil would want to give alternatives while we wait upon the Lord and it can make us fall out of alignment with God. When the enemy cannot get you, he will try to set you up directly against God. The enemy creates a space to put away the fulfillment of God in our lives but God is saying, do not move away from aligning. In the process of God’s determined goodness, you must always check if you’re still in alignment with God. The devil puts distress in the life of a man when we have refused to align with God.  People around you might want to put you in undue haste but you must learn patience. It is not about the possibility of God doing goodness in our life but the timing; until it is done by God in His way and time.
Gen 49:3 revealed to us how Jacob cursed Reuben due to what he did in Gen 35:22 caused by his impatience; Impatience led him not to excel.
Being slower is better than being in haste, you must learn patience. There is a timing for what God wants to do with us, do not get ahead of God.

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