By Pastor Samson Ayangoke on July 24, 2023

Fear is man’s major limiting factor. Most times, the fear of what we do no know restricts us from receiving God’s determined goodness for us.

The messenger of God cited the case of David, 1 Samuel 17:26 (NKJV).
Every man of Israel was scared to step out in courage but David, a 17 year old boy of the house of Jesse with zero war experience stood out and defied the odds.
There are certain steps to take to overcome fear. Some of which are explained further.

First, Be Inquisitive (v. 26). Have you even taken time to research about that thing you’re so scared of? The more informed you are, the more confident you become to face your fears.

Also, you have to shut out negative voices. (v. 28-29) If David had listened to Ellab (his eldest brother), they would never have conquered Goliath. If you keep yielding to the negative voices, you will never achieve your goals and visions.
The goal of the enemy is to instill fear in you, never be quiet to negative voices, respond with a reciprocating fierce energy.

Lastly, you have to be daring. (v. 31-32) It takes boldness to become a man of value. Do not let people judge your imperfections, your stature or your status. You may not be like it but you can be it. Ask yourself the right questions and focus on the positives.

Download, listen and share this message with your loved ones. God bless you.


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