AUDACIOUS PT. II – First Service

By Pastor Samson Ayangoke on July 24, 2023

Having audacity is something that can be pre-planned, if you’re determined to take actionable steps. From last week’s service, the Lord took us through 3 major steps to be audacious: Inquisitiveness, Shutting out negative thoughts, and being Daring.

This week, He reiterates and encourages us to do so again through the following ways;
1. You must take stock of (or record) your victories
2. Recount the battles you’ve won, do not boast of emptiness because while the circumstances might change, the principles used in overcoming past challenges will always remain the same.
3. In times of doubt, recount the battles the lord has helped you win. You must define your identity
4. Don’t go before your fear with a shallow identity of yourself.
5. Know your identity in God. You must let it be stuck in your consciousness that you will overcome all fears because you’re in the Lord’s army and His army never fails.
6. Your identity matters in helping you to attain victory.
You must take preparations seriously
7. Preparations is the mother of manifestations and facing fear unprepared is like a recipe for failure.
– What are you skillful at using that can be a basis of confidence when facing fear?
– Even though David’s stone was anointed to kill Goliath, he could have thrown it amiss if he was unprepared. It is important to note that the weapon you will use in fighting your battles must be empowered and this empowerment comes through thorough preparations.
As you plan, prepare, and pace yourself this week, remember to be AUDACIOUS in all you do. We pray that God will grant you the audacity to overcome those things that presents themselves as impossible in our lives in Jesus name.

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TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 17:34-40

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