AUDACIOUS PT. II- The Power Of Persistence (Second Service)

By Pst. Ayanfe Fakunle on July 23, 2023

Persistence is a trait synonymous to greatness. It is the capacity to remain on course even in the presence of adversity, discouragements and trials.
God has set a destiny for you and the devil will do everything to make sure you do not achieve purpose. This is why you need the spirit of persistence. Great men that have made good history were able to do those things because of the spirit of perseverance.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you are immune to trials. Even Jesus made it clear in the scriptures. John 16:33-” In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. (NKJV) ”

The messenger of God also gave some tips on how to be persistent. First, Recognize the prophecies that have been said concerning your life. Carry out a thorough check. Are you living in accordance with God’s prophecies or are you living in contrary to those prophecies?
Also, avoid comparisons. The greatest harm you can do to yourself is to compare yourself with others. Every individual has a specific path to their lives. Do not compare your life with others.

You have a lot of people depending on your success and you cannot afford to let them down.

Download, listen and share this message with your loved ones. God bless you.

TOPIC- AUDACIOUS – The Power Of Persistence.
TEXT- Phillipians 3:10-14
PREACHER- Pastor Ayanfe Fakunle

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