Breaking Forth- Pathway To A New Life

By Pastor Samson Ayangoke on May 21, 2023

This message is dedicated particularly to the Graduands, and every other student progressing in their academic career.

The path you are about to take is an uncharted territory, a path you have never treaded, a phase you have never experienced. This point in your life is where everything you’ve learnt over the years will be put to test. This is a critical point in your life whose outcome will be dependent on your perception of contentment. Are you contented with where you are because you think you have a comfortable life already? Are you satisfied with your current position because you think you are more honored and  successful than your peers?

You may feel contented with your current position when you have not even attained God’s purpose for your life. Clearly examine your state to know what is expected of you. The degree of expectations anticipated of you increases as you progress in life.

It is one thing to ‘Break out’, it is another thing to ‘Break Forth’. You are breaking out of something and breaking forth into another thing. The Messenger of God gave some guidelines to a Successful Break Forth.

Be a Person of Prayer. 1 Chronicles 4:10;”And Jabez called on the God of Israel…” (KJV). The first thing Jabez did when he wanted to break forth into another dimension was to call on God. Prayer is key. That you are done with a level does not mean you are done with prayer. In fact, it is the point where you need to intensify your praying prowess to get directions for which you are breaking forth into.  Secondly, Aim for more. 1 Chronicles 4:9; “And Jabez was more honorable than his brethren…” (KJV). This is proof that Jabez was already honorable but still, he knew he had not gotten to his destined position. He was more honorable than his brethren, yet he asked that God enlarge his territory. 1 Chronicles 4:10b; “…Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory…” (KJV) This shows that Jabez ‘already had a territory’ and he was already honorable than his brothers, yet he wasn’t contented. He aimed for more and prayed to God. Do not be too comfortable in your comfort zone, ask that God helps you achieve his aim for your life an that he helps you fulfill purpose.

Also, Abstain from sin. Some hands are deeply rooted in sin and this is the major cause for their limitations and stagnancy. Sin ensnares lives and reduces people’s standards to what the world thinks of them. Set boundaries to help you resist temptations. Define your “DO’s and DONT’s”. Do not fund sin with God’s blessings.

We wish all the Graduands success in their endeavours.

Download, listen and share this message with your loved ones. God bless you.


TOPIC- Breaking Forth; Pathway To A New Life

TEXT- Isaiah 58:8

PREACHER- Pastor Samson Ayangoke



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