Breakthrough November

By Pastor Samson Ayangoke on November 20, 2020


Psalm 49:14-15

Three parts of God are propelled to move in your direction immediately you cry to him, God propelled to speak to every situation surrounding your life
He’s propelled to move in your direction, to take away every wall that stands between him and you.He’s propelled to stand and hold you through whatever pain you’re going through.
Even if a nursing mother can possibly forget her born child, God is greater than a nursing mother and he promised never to forget you.
The description David gave God as one who answers prayers is most accurate. He’s always ready to hear us
whenever we call. It is his nature to answer prayers so it’ll take God to deny himself not to answer our prayers -Psalm 65:2
Daniel prayed and an angel was sent to give him an answer but was obstructed, God sent another because daniel remained In the place of prayer.
The cry of the blind man Barthemeus, caused Jesus to stop in his path to attend to his need, He knew a code that every other person doesn’t. Jesus is ready to do the same if we are Able to catch his attention.

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