Catching Fresh Fire through Praise

Fresh fire caught through praises produces testimonies of Eagles’ flight and one of it is possessing gates.

There are four types of flame: yellow, blue, orange, white. The most powerful is white.

The fire God desires we carry is the most potent, so that wherever we get to, we manifest it and even if you don’t have the strongest yet, there is grace in the house.
Even a white flame can deteriorate and might eventually die if a Christian is not careful.
Praise is much more than music. It is the expression of approval or admiration for someone/something.

We can praise God in various dimensions; with words, songs and our lifestyle Psalm 19:14.
Praise is essential as we give glory to God for who He is. As we praise God, His presence will be made manifest and our sacrifices would be accepted.

There is a place of reference for God above every other thing.
We catch fire by fearing God and giving him a place in our hearts.
God desires a living sacrifice which is you and I; sacrificing the manifestation of flesh in our lives.

Text: 1 Kings 18:1; 30; 36
Topic: Catching Fresh Fire Through Praises.

Preacher: Mrs Tewogbade Abegunde

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