Covenant; A key to enjoying God’s Mercy

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Our God is God that honors covenant. His words are Yea and Amen!
Covenant is an agreement that is made between two or more people, in which blood is involved.
Covenant is one of the keys through which we enjoy God’s mercy.
We are in a time that nations are troubled, devastated, confused, etc…. and Jesus (who is the mediator if the new covenant) is the final solution.
Mephibosheth enjoyed God’s Mercy due to the covenant that David made with his father-Jonathan in 1 Samuel 20.
The name Mephibosheth means Exterminator of Shame; yet he was crippled at age 5, taken care of by a nurse…. (2 Samuel 4:4).

His current experience defiled the meaning of his name. But a day came, David inquired from Ziba if there is anyone in the house of Saul that he can favor due to Jonathan…

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Preacher: Mr. Tobi Ojua

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