Engaging Divine Visitation – 2

By Pastor Felicien Juh on August 10, 2020 about

To engage divine visitation, there are some certain principles we have to abide by in order to position ourselves ready.

  1. We must be righteous and blameless before God. What an irony that the flesh is willing but the spirit is weak while reverse is the case according to the scripture.
  2. We must be in the right place at the right time. As we can see in the life of Zechariah that he was in the temple at the time God comes to visit him. Vs 12-13 
  3. It demands total belief. Unbelief is a sin, an unbelief heart cannot welcome divine visitation
  4. Stay undefiled. Don’t engage yourself with things that displeases God. God is holy, so He wants us to be.
  5. Prayers. You can only engage the divine visitation through prayers, a prayer-less life is a useless life


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