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By Pst. Mrs. Victory Ayangoke on May 4, 2023
There are different kinds of relationships, Some of which are; Parental-Sibling Relationship, Marital Relationship and Friendship.
You have perfect control over your choice of friends and the friends you choose have great influence over your life.  The influence of friendship can either make or mar your destiny.
In this Sermon, the messenger of God talked about few qualities of a True friend and summarized it with the mnemonic, ‘A-B-C-D’.
Firstly, a true friend must be *A*-pproachable. A true friend should be someone you can chastise and someone that can correct you likewise.
Also, your friend should be someone that *B*-elieves in you and in the plan and purpose of God for your life. Choose friends that can support and encourage you when you are weak.
The third quality of a true friend is *C*-ommitment.   A true friend should not only believe in your goals, they should also be committed to helping you achieve your dream. Just like Jonathan was committed to helping David (1 Samuel 23:17 NKJV).
Lastly, a friend must be able to *D*-efend you even in your absence. Jonathan defended David at the table even in David’s absence, (1 Samuel 20:32-34 NKJV).
There’s only one perfect, reliable and ultimate friend, The Holy Spirit; (John 14:16-17 MSG).
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TEXT- 1 SAMUEL 20:1-42

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