God is Willing

By Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde on July 24, 2022

One of our Major challenges as believers is not that God can not perform Miracles (or certain Miracles in our lives) but rather, we do not believe that He is willing and can do it in our own very lives.

As a believer, there is a big difference between God can do it and God will do it.

If we’ll enjoy God on daily basis and experience newness in all spheres of our lives, we must know that God is willing and He can do whatever He has told us or we saw from the pages of the Scriptures.

The story of the Man 👨 full with Leprosy in the book of Matthew 8:1-4 shows that God is always Willing and able…

In order to be able to access possibilities in Christ, we need these three ingredients of faith;

1. Believe in God’s Ability,

2. Believe in your own Validity,

3. Believe in the willingness of God.

Text: Isaiah 43:18-19; Matthew 8:1-4.
Preacher: Adesina Abegunde


Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Reverend Doctor Sina Abegunde. The resident Pastor of Higher Ground Baptist Church Ogbomoso Nigeria

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