God’s Mercy (Part 2)

By Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde on March 1, 2020 about , ,

I was just trying to think when were we saying Happy New Year! January is gone February is gone March is going April will come and December will also come and then we say another Happy new year 2021
Without a meaningful event, a year is a mear calendar. an event that will make Your year meaningful By the mercy of the lord JEHOVAH will grant You in Jesus name Rev’d DR. ADESINA ABEGUNDE shared with us from the book of Romans 9:15
One of the things that attract Divine Visitation his Gods Mercy As you go through the month of march spend more time with the lord understanding his MERCY and also spend more time giving him THANKS
Think back about everything he has done and Adore him cause He has done all things well for Us.
Walk, Work and labor by Mercy and you will see things that can’t be traced to your Smartness, Riches, and connections
Do well to Download, listen, and share with friends and families.
You are wonderful!

Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Reverend Doctor Sina Abegunde. The resident Pastor of Higher Ground Baptist Church Ogbomoso Nigeria

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