By Pastor Michael Amusan on April 23, 2023

The extent to which God has dealt with you determines what level of Grace you will be receiving from Him. The messenger of God explained that Grace is giving platform to an undeserving man. The concept of Grace has been available even before the creation of man. Psalm 8:5; “For thou hast made man a little lower than angels and hast crowned him with glory and honor” (KJV). This is Grace that man never worked for. The Grace was for functionalities that man will exercise authority beyond his realm but humanity lost the Grace when it fell into sin. God being the ever-loving Father released more Grace unto us to ensure the reinstatement of man.

The messenger of God explained some of the things God did to restore man to the realm of Grace. God called man. If there is any reason God has called man, it is for man to prosper and do exploits. Beyond the call, we were accepted. (Ephesians 1:6b). We were not just accepted as man, we were accepted as Sons of God.

There is a dimension of Grace that God wants us to walk into. It is the Grace for exploits. The dimension of Grace for Salvation was made available unto us at the expense of Christ’s death but it takes responsibility to be graced for exploits. The first responsibility expected of us is that we know God. (Daniel 11:32b KJV) Doing exploits does not come by chance or luck, you have your part to play. The more you know God, the more you will be equipped for the assignment given unto you.

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TOPIC- Grace for Exploits
TEXT- Ephesians 1:6
PREACHER- Pastor Michael Amusan

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