Kingdom Purpose; Serving God through a godly family

By Rev’d Elijah Falade on August 29, 2022

God holds the family in high esteem; because it’s a vital institution in God’s Kingdom.

God did not create the family because of the earth, but the earth was created because of family.
From the account of creation, it is observed that God created everything that will be useful for the family first before he created family. No wonder, during the flood, God included the entire family of Noah in his instructions of preservation. This also indicates how important family is to God.

The level of how a family is doing well privately will determine the level of service individual members of that family render to God and how fruitful it will be. On several occasions, we see families in church service but there is no service in families. This is because the true act of service is not present in their private lives. A service without Godliness is incomplete.

Below are some secrets of a godly family:
1. They forgive each other,
2. They submit and compromise for each other,
3. The husband loves the wife,
4. The wife is her husband’s helper,
5. The husband is ready to provide for his family.,
6. They have a good interpersonal relationship.

In this message, God’s servant shared several benefits of a godly family. Listen, Download and Share with your loved ones!

Topic: KINGDOM PURPOSE; Serving God Through Godly Families.
Text: Joshua 24:15
Preacher: Rev’d Elijah Falade.

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