Lord remove the cloths of shame off my parents

By Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde on March 15, 2020 about , , , , ,


Lord remove the cloths of shame off my parents.

Brethren, it is possible for you to wear a fine cloth physically but spiritually, what you are wearing is a cloth of shame. Zachariah 3:1-5; God almighty in is infinite mercy will exchange your filthy clothes of your parents for new clothes of glory in Jesus name.

Job 8: 22; “Those who hate you will be clothed with shame, and the home of the wicked will be destroyed.” In Jesus name

Prophetic declarations:
Every Voice against Your prayer are condemned
It doesn’t matter what have happened to them while they are naked in the spirit we declare every Voice of aquciation silenced
Everything that causes agony, pain and sorrow for your parents, today marks the end
All mockery of the enemy over your parents, will turn into testimony in Jesus name
The blood of Jesus that speak better things will silence all mockery over your parents lives in Jesus name
..you are wonderful!

Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Reverend Doctor Sina Abegunde. The resident Pastor of Higher Ground Baptist Church Ogbomoso Nigeria

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