Rooted and Built in Christ

Rooted and Built in Christ

By Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde on January 15, 2021

Rooted and Built in Christ 1
Colossians 2:6-9

With Jesus’ joy in our heart we welcome you to the year 2021. It’s our year of being “Rooted and Built Up” which was extracted from Colossians 2:6-7 and Ephesians 3:17-19.

Do you plan to live a successful life in 2021? If ‘yes’ there is a need to strengthen and remain connected to the source. Remove the head coach and the team flouders; break the fuel like, and the car won’t run. You can only do less or nothing without God, so it important that you remain connected to the source.

Additionally, the survival of a tree is not solely dependent on the nutrients present in the soil but how deep it’s root can search the soil for the required nutrients. Hence, the deeper the root goes, the better it becomes for the tree to be built up and become fruitful.

Invariably, your fruitfulness as a Christian depends on how rooted and built you are in the word of God.

The five hooks that will help you through the year: these and many more are the lessons you we learn as you listen to this message.

Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Reverend Doctor Sina Abegunde. The resident Pastor of Higher Ground Baptist Church Ogbomoso Nigeria

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