Sustaining Greatness With Humility

By Moses Olayiwola on July 11, 2021

When God blesses us greatly, he expect other creatures to benefit from it as well as seen in Ezekiel 31:6; ” Every kind of bird built nests in its branches; The wild animals bore their young in its shelter; The nations of the world rested in its shade.” GNT. We must know that greatness can not be hidden. And to sustain this greatness, we must be humble. In James 4:6b, the bible says; “..God is against the proud, but He is kind to the humble.” GNT.

In today’s sermon, God shall be speaking to us on how to inculcate the right attitude needed for greatness.

Listen, download an share with our loved ones! Shalom!

Jesus Christ is an epitome of humility. Phil 2:5-10. We must live an accordance to his ways.


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