By Rev’d Tolu Agboola on February 10, 2023
To enjoy God’s goodness, you must be aligned correctly; And to do this, you need the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit (Who is the Spirit of Truth). As believers, we need to make a demand for what is finished in heaven and in order for it to become a  reality here on earth. It is good to pray, but one the most important things that must be added to prayer is ‘posture’.
When God says he has determined to do you good, the first thing he does is to cancel your competencies, because by strength shall no man prevail.
The communication of God does not end with words, He plants the seed. For with God, nothing is impossible. Luke 1:37.

In this message, God’s servant shared a lots of mysteries that will help YOU Align with Divine Determination.

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Text: Luke 1:38

Topic: The Prayer of Mary

Preacher: Rev’d Tolu AGboola




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