Unbelief; A Limitation To Experiencing God’s Goodness

By Pst. John Adeyi on January 29, 2023

Hearing the Word and Prophecies of  God is not enough to cause its fulfillment in our lives, they have to be backed up and propelled with Faith and Believe in our hearts.

God’s Power and capabilities are unlimited but the actions of man (the receiver of the Word), can put God’s work on hold in our lives.

The Messenger of  God cited the case of the father of the child in Mark 9: 22-23; “…but  if  you can do anything…” (NKJV) This statement reflects the state of unbelief in the man’s heart. And Jesus answered Him; “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believe…” This is a proof that many lives are due for God’s goodness and miracles, but the unbelief in their hearts is limiting the goodness of God.

In this message, the Servant of God also explained that unbelief and disobedience work hand in hand. Just as in the case of Adam and Eve, their unbelief led to their disobedience.

Also, you cannot achieve more than you believe. Unbelief makes you belittle yourself to what God thinks of you. Unbelief makes you spiritually immune to God’s promises and goodness.


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God bless you!

Topic : Unbelief; A Limitation To Experiencing God’s Goodness

Text: Hebrew 4:10-11

Preacher: Pastor John Adeyi


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