Understanding The Times

Understanding The Times

By Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde on June 2, 2020


The current situation in the whole world today, has led so many countries into Recession, Businesses are shutting down, some have lost their Jobs, there is Scarcity and if prolonged can lead to Famine just like what happened during the era of Joseph (Son of Jacob) in Egypt. Genesis 41.

So, it is important for us as believers, to understand timing and what we should be doing in times like this.  We are supposed to be like the Sons of Issachar who understood times and know what Isreal ought to do. 1 Chronicles 12:32.

We must know that nothing happens by chance; The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote: “there is a time for everything under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

Brethren, this time may seem tough, but it won’t last forever. Don’t be forced to sell things that are valuable to you. This is a good time for you to invest in Yourself, Business, Career, Properties, e.t.c.
Prepare for the post-pandemic season.


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You are Wonderful!

Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Adesina Abegunde

Reverend Doctor Sina Abegunde. The resident Pastor of Higher Ground Baptist Church Ogbomoso Nigeria

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