Watered for Greatness (Breaking the Yoke of Stagnation)

By Pst. Samson Adekojo on July 8, 2021

Water is a purifier, it signifies fertility, ease and refreshment. There’s nothing you can do without water. It represents life, refreshment and fruitfulness.

Today’s bible passage (Ezekiel 31:4) tells us how water ran through a particular field and it made it flourish.

You need water to bring back to life everything that is dead in you. The essence of water in man’s life is important.

For a successful life, you need Jesus the Living Water. Do you want to be healed? Are you facing any challenges of life or thirsted in any area of your life? Seek Jesus, He is the only Living Water that can refresh and comfort your soul. Jesus is calling you today, He wants to restore your lost glory.

Beloved, accept Jesus today and truly believe in Him so that He can water your life and bring back all that is dead to life.

Listen, Download and do well to share with your loved ones. YOU ARE WNDERFUL!!!

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