Watered for Greatness (Connecting to the Greatness in YOU)

By Pastor Samson Ayangoke on July 8, 2021

You are being watered for greatness so that when men see you, they’ll see greatness. There is no point getting watered if your life won’t be great. You’re being watered not just to survive but to be great too.

God does not waste resources; He will not give His resources to someone who will waste it. God called Daniel to lead His people from exile but he needed to keep off from the king’s delicacy so that God’s plans for him to be a leader will be manifested. There are requirements for greatness, you don’t just stumble into it.

When should I get watered?

* When there’s destruction of produce and efforts (Judges 6:3-6)

* When you experience shortened heavens (Deut. 28:23)

* When you experience closed earth (Gen. 7:11)

Have you been struggling without results? Do these three things to get watered for greatness;

* Believe in prophecies

* Be correctly planted

* Pray

The reference of greatness is not comparing yourself with men but with what God has for you. God’s heart is committed to men who will be great.

No matter what you are going through now, know that God wants to make you great and greatness doesn’t happen immediately; it happens with time and process. May you not only spread but grow tall in greatness in Jesus name.

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