Watered for greatness (Living Waters)

By Pst. John Adeyi on July 8, 2021
The great water that helps to flourish in man is the Holy Spirit. Make your heart ready for the spirit today and it will come upon you and glorify your life. A life without the Holy Spirit is a wilderness. Examples of men that the water (Holy Spirit) made great are;
1. Joseph (Gen. 41:38)
2. Daniel (Dan. 5:11)
3. David (1 Samuel 16: 13)
4. Peter
5. Jesus (3:16)
Amazing things didn’t happen to these men just as a coincidence, it happened because of the power of the Spirit of the Lord in their lives. Unless the Spirit of the Lord pours out on you, there’s nothing you can amount to in life. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, it brings about; Rest, Greatness, Courage and Ease

When your life is watered, it will flourish like the Cedar, no poverty, anguish, lament or sorrow will be found in it. Your life will never experience any form of dryness instead, it will prosper.

What is that thing you need for greatness in life, It can only be found in God.

Listen, Download and share with your loved ones. You are wonderful!



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