WMU Focus Week – Focus On God Alone

By Dr. Mrs. Tewogbade Abegunde on January 29, 2023

One thing that you must know is that, whatever you choose to give attention to magnifies.  You can choose to focus on God’s goodness’ and promises, or you can choose to focus on your challenges and problems; whichever you choose to focus on magnifies.

The Servant of God explained the case of Peter walking on water in the Book of  Matthew 14:25-33. He was able to walk on water when his focus was on Jesus, but the moment he shifted his focus to the Sea, he started to sink in. The Sea in this context can be likened to our struggles and challenges. Are we focusing on them or is our focus on Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our Faith?

Looking  up to men or putting our Faith in men only, will lead to disappointment because only Jesus never fails.

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Topic- Focus On God Alone

Text- Matthew 14: 25-33

Preacher: Dr. Mrs. Tewogbade Abegunde




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